About me

   Izabela Kania

This is me, a girl from a small town in Silesia, living in the capital of Ireland since 2015.  I work, go to school, train pole Dance and I like to spend my free time actively – at the gym, outdoors – alternatively – on a 90-meter crane.

I am this person who from her earliest years had lots of big dreams, for some ‘too’ big. A person who always wrote down their New Year’s resolutions and made them happen, a person who finally, after a lot of hard times decided to be happy and live their life as they dreamed.

I never wanted to live how other people live, I was always an outstanding child, that is why I was not always accepted by the environment – back then, I did not understand this, but now I am grateful for it.

I learned one valuable lesson at school – to be more precise – a stone marten eats a squirrel, a squirrel eats hazelnuts and hazelnuts grow and vegetate.  I knew one thing since forever – I do not want to be a ‘nut’, I want something more.

I have made most of my dreams come true – dreams which I have dreamt of as a child. It sometimes happened that it was not a bullseye and I was disappointed. In the past, I thought that I know everything best, life and people have shown me that this is not so.  Now I believe in myself even more but I also learned humbleness, for which I want to thank everyone who taught me, even in the most painful way.

I also believe that the world can be changed in small steps if you start from yourself, that is why I am a vegetarian since I was 14 years old. You can guess that I am a huge animal lover and I am a sensitive human being.

I have many interests, in particular psychology. I also am no stranger to sports and nutrition. Recently, I also became interested in business, owing to which I started reading books. I also returned to my childhood hobbies, to be more specific – you can see me with a guitar again.

I think, analyze and observe a lot. I describe my life experiences and share opinions here. You will find something for yourself here for sure.


”If I want something, I get it because I do not have time for unfulfilled dreams”