First post!

After a couple of months of working on the project, making adjustments and writing the content, the time has finally come and I can welcome you to my first blog. I’m extremely happy that I was able to make this goal a reality and that you can now read this post.

I’m going to tell you briefly, what made me start a blog at this exact point in time. I believe that the hardest moments in people’s lives force them to finally say ‘enough’ and to start taking action… at least if they really want their lives to change. That was also the case with me. The last couple of months have been really hard. I was having problems at home, at school and I saw no future for myself. Everything that I was sure of just a few short months ago, fell apart. I had enough and wanted to make a reset, so I went to Poland and, as it turned out, that was exactly what I needed.

One warm evening I sat down to talk with my Dad. Looking back and telling me about the past, Dad showed me that I was always a little warrior and despite things not always being easy, I always managed to get through them fine. It was then, that I realized that it was time to start doing what I really wanted to do with my life and that it was time to stop living just for show. I also realized, that it was family and friends, who bring you the sort of happiness that can’t be replaced by anything else and that our time on this planet is very limited.

I came back to Ireland and I knew that it was finally the time to take action. My Mom is the person who has always supported me the most. Thanks to her, I started to see meaning and once again believed that tomorrow could be better. She was with me during my worst moments and always helped me to get back on my feet. She always believed in me and was able to grant me some of her faith. It was her, who made me decide to fulfill my long put off dream of starting a blog.

I sent a dozen or so emails to web design firms, made a few calls (even though I don’t like talking on the phone) and finally ended up choosing a company. The entire project took several months along with paperwork and adjustments. I paid for everything myself, without putting a burden on my parents, which I’m very proud of.

I’m very happy now and I’m able to stand on my own feet again. I work, I practice pole dancing and I’ll soon take a driving exam to get my full license, I even started going to the gym again. I’ll use this blog to write about all the things that are important to me. I’ll share my life experiences and my honest opinions. I’ll write about psychology, about people, about life, diets, sports and business. Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to motivate someone?

In closing, I’d like to give my thanks to all the people who were there for me in my bad moments, who listened and helped. I’d like to thank all the people who knew about the blog idea and who gave their encouragement and helped to make the blog a reality. I never expected that virtual strangers, even people from my school, could be so helpful and trustworthy.


*The next post will be about my (endless) adventures with trying to lose weight and I hope I’ll see you then*

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Written by Izabela Kania