Laziness vs Dreams- what did you choose?

You lie on the couch holding a telephone in your hand, watching all the Internet celebrities. You see that one of them is in Dominican Republic, another one in LA, and yet another one in Tokyo. You can also see the photos on which they show their new cars, which the average person could not afford even if he worked until death. You think “gee, it’s great, I want it too” and then you surf further and finally go to sleep. Perhaps your dream is not being popular, having a million followers and bragging about the car. Maybe you just want to have an athletic body or you want to learn a new language. Each of us has some dreams, one can be fulfilled by your hard work, without money, and for other you need money that don’t come for free, in other words you have to do something.

If you want to lose weight or have an athletic body, you don’t really need anything but motivation and willpower. You don’t actually need money.  Instead of exercising at the gym, you can do exercises at home or run in the park, you can also exercise with your own body weight. As for food, you would have to buy it anyway and I will tell you that healthy food is even cheaper. You see, there are no excuses and if you found any to justify your laziness, believe me, they are only in your head (I invite you to see my other post –

If you want to have money / be rich and you do nothing but sit on the sofa after school / work, then don’t delude yourself that money will come from nowhere or that someone will knock on your door and say “here, there is a million for you, I don’t need it”. Perhaps you want to earn 60,000 a year, or maybe you want to earn 60,000 a month, it’s your choice. Everyone has different goals, you should just focus on yourself and believe that everything is possible, although, unfortunately, talking alone won’t get you nowhere.

My great dream has always been a trip to Jamaica with my parents, unfortunately it’s not a cheap trip, especially for a teenager, because the price of such a trip is a few thousands. Despite that, I decided that I would gather this sum. I went to work over the holidays and worked 12 hours a day. It wasn’t my favorite occupation, but after a while I got used to it. I would like to add that I didn’t buy new expensive things to be cool, I didn’t party or travel. My goal was to collect money and I stuck to it, so I saved everything I earned. I remember one of my friends saying that I never get that amount and I will definitely spend money on the way, but he was surprised when after 2-3 months I sent him a picture of the whole sum. In the end, I didn’t spend this money on Jamaica, because there were more important priorities for me at that time, but I will fly there one day, I promise. I just want to tell you that if I was able to work 12 hours a day just to fly to Jamaica and then give up, then believe me, you can do everything you want.

At the moment, I have a new goal and my life style is even more active than a year ago. Every day, I wake up at 6 am (including weekends because I simply don’t like to waste my days), I go to the gym, right after the training I go to work and I finish in the evening. After work, depending on the day, I can choose between zumba,  pole dance or, sometimes, just grocery shopping in order to have something to eat in the following days. I’m home only in the mornings and in the evenings, I actually only sleep there. This routine will probably change in a while but, nevertheless, I can assure you that the more you do, the more you feel like doing.

 ”If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help him build his.”

So stop lying on this couch, go on and do something you’ll be proud of.

I believe in you, peace! ✌



Written by Izabela Kania