My opinion on the Irish

The Irish have red hair and freckles and wear green… just kidding. First off, I’d like to stress that everyone is different, regardless of their nationality. In any country, you can find liars, thieves, depressed people, alcoholics, homeless etc. Not every Irish person is going to fit the description below. Nevertheless, I’ve selected a few traits and behaviors that I’ve noticed in most of them.

The Irish are frank and cheerful people.

You don’t like to smile? You’re going to have a hard time. The Irish love frank and smiling people because most of them are just like that. They can enjoy the little things in life. Don’t be surprised if you’re walking down a street and a stranger greets you and asks how you’re doing. The Irish prefer approaching happy people rather than those who are less content. As a person who wears a ‘bitch face’, I advise you to smile! You can benefit a lot from that.

 They aren’t melodramatic

Your car’s broken down, you have no money and the rent is due soon? Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine. What I like about the Irish is that they’re not bothered by problems for too long; they approach them positively and usually find a solution.

They have their own accent

Don’t be surprised if you come to Ireland and you can’t understand a word of your first conversation; that’s normal. You have to be exposed to it for a while and understand their version of some words. The Irish have their own accent, recognizable all over the world. They say ‘foon’ instead of ‘fun’ and ‘foock’ instead of ‘fuck’. If you learned English at school, I don’t know if it’s going to be of any help to you.

They’re very helpful

Your car’s broken down in the middle of a road? Don’t worry, someone’s going to pull over and offer to help. You’re sitting at work all bored and sad? Someone’s going to approach you and ask if everything’s okay. If you have any problem and ask for help, you definitely won’t be rejected. Especially the older generation cares a lot about the fate of others and tries to help in any situation.

The Irish are honest about themselves

What I like about the Irish is the fact that they can speak honestly about themselves; they can also tell you the most painful truth if you’re asking for it. After coming to Ireland, I was surprised when people had no trouble talking about their weaknesses or telling others straight from the shoulder that they can’t do or don’t like something. Nobody tries too hard to be a math genius, girls openly say ‘Oh no, I’ve gained 5kg’, others admit that they’ve just given up on their resolution. I don’t know if that’s how the Irish see themselves, but when I compare the Polish and Irish mentalities, that is how I see them.

They understand immigrants, as they were and still are immigrants themselves

From my history classes, I’ve learnt that many Irish people moved to America, as they saw no opportunities in their own country; seems familiar, doesn’t it? Most of them stayed there and an average family in Ireland has some relatives in America. That’s why most Irish people are tolerant toward immigrants; especially elderly people understand the idea of emigration. To this day, Irish people leave their country in search for a better life.

Of course, as any other nation, the Irish have their flaws, too, but maybe I’ll leave that for the next post

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Written by Izabela Kania