My weight loss story

Since I remember I have been bigger than my peers. When I grew up a little I tried losing weight multiple times but it always ended up with pizza or ice cream on the sofa and words: ‘I will start tomorrow’.

At the end of 2014, in the second year of my secondary school I decided I had to stand up for myself.  I remember spending Christmas in Ireland and I found out I would start my third year of school there. It was a big motivation for me and as you can see, it was big enough to enable me to achieve my goal within a few months.

I started to follow a diet and take exercise in January 2015. I had a notebook where I wrote down the number of calories, trainings I made and whether I was able to stick to my diet.  I also wrote down my body measurements and I put some pictures there. After each month I summarized my activities. I ate little food although I didn’t realize that then. After several months my hair started to fall out, my nails broke and I didn’t have enough power to do anything.  What’s more, I ate sweets but trying not to exceed the number of calories per day.

In May 2015 I realized I had lost 15 kg. Everyone around me noticed my physical change, so did I. But it was not only a physical change unfortunately. My life was all about counting calories, food and feeling remorse. I wanted to lose weight all the time, more and more. I got a little paranoid. I could eat half of an apple instead of a whole one to make the number of calories look right. Each time I exceeded the daily number of calories I thought I was weak and I would never achieve anything. I felt remorse for a couple of days. It was possible for me not to eat for two days in a row and after that I gobbled down my dinner. It was a vicious circle. I didn’t lose weight in June at all. I ate less and less and I couldn’t lose weight. I realized something must have been wrong. My metabolism slowed down. I had to be careful and watch anything I ate. I thought about it a lot and I decided to start eating regularly without low calorie balance in my diet. Then I ate about 600-1000 kcal per day and I decided I would add 100 kcal more per week.

During holiday season I increased the number of calories. Finally I ate too much and didn’t take enough exercise so at the end of holiday I put on weight. It was due to my metabolism that slowed down, my lack of knowledge concerning food and the fact I didn’t see the difference between vigorous physical activity and lack of it at all. All the time it seemed to me that if I worked out at home, my required number of calories was much bigger and each time I calculated it I marked ‘vigorous-intensity physical activity’.

I have had problems losing weight since then. I tried losing weight a lot of times since 2016 but each time it ended up with yo-yo effect. Several times I thought I couldn’t make it. I remember giving up on the gym because when I worked out there I gained weight instead of losing it.

Now I have gained knowledge. I use a tape measure and a mirror to control my effects. Right now I weight almost 10 kg more than 2-3 years ago but I have less fatty tissue and I feel better in my own body. A few days ago I started working out at the gym again and I mainly exercise with the use of gym equipment. I realize muscles look much better than fat and I can weight even more if I like my mirror reflection.

Balance is the most important thing in life. That’s a pity I realized it after such a long time but as they say: better late than never.

I also understood the process of losing weight started in my mind. But that’s the topic for the next post.

*Low calorie balances don’t work in the long run and they leave a mark in our mind for a long time. Before you decide to lose weight, make a plan and don’t forget to do it wisely. Please remember you can’t go lower than your basic metabolism – you can calculate it here:


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Written by Izabela Kania